Tuesday, March 08, 2011

And now a kiss

TheBoy finds my constant demands for kisses annoying. He will typically either shriek "NO!" and hold his hand up like he's warding off a just revealed super villain or run away. If, however, he is busy doing something then he will usually remain in place.

So I will go 'and now a kiss', close my eyes and start lowering my head down to receive one. That's his cue (1) to intercept my lips with an object close to hand. For example the cob of corn he is eating. I say in a "curses, foiled" voice 'Corn kiss!' and he laughs.

He was playing with items from his toy tool bench. I demanded a kiss. An item went up for an intercept.

I kissed it.

It was his toy drill, bit first, now in my mouth.

Then he turned it on.

"Drill kiss!"

(1) How embarrassment. I originally had "queue".


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