Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When even the machines are against you

We bought a Wii last year. We finally hooked it up. I registered my details on Wii fit.

It factored in my height, my age, and my weight to map out a 'Wii fit age'.

It is 51.

So there you go. Even a mindless unthinking machine has judged me based on my physical attributes.

And people wonder why I have body image issues.

Also thanks to my flat feet I suck balls at the Snowboarding. Best score on the lowest level of difficulty was one minute seventeen seconds. I tried another eight times but I couldn't best that initial score.

I hate you Wii. Much like my used for less than a day Blackberry it inspired within me unwanted impulse rage. I wanted to take the balance board and march like John Cleese in the episode of Fawlty Towers where he was going to insert a Garden gnome into an Irish builder (see 13.28 onward) and do likewise to Mr Hiroshi Matsunaga.

However it is pretty kewl that we can web surf through the unit. I do like that.


  1. In the machine's defence, it's a Wii Fit. It's meant to be all judgey about physical stuff. You should expect it to. It's not like it's a Talkie Toaster or something!

  2. Too fucking judgy...

    It thinks its the bad cop on the panel of judges on a talent show...

  3. We bought a Kinect recently, with one of those nifty fitness program thingies. It doesn't give you an 'age' based on your attributes, fitness etc, but boy does it get bitchy if you walk away without finishing your session!


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