Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blackberry ... suckberry

So I have had it for 24 hours. My reaction?

It sucks. It sucks the wang. The QWERTY keyboard is too small. You have to hit a tiny alt key to try and get the numbers keys to operate. The numbers and alternate characters were the same size as the alphabet characters and I was forever confusing the I key with the 1 key. The text message interface likewise sucked the wang - as does its incredibly moronic contacts folder which gives you a hot key to delete a contact but forces you into the menu to add a contact.

Fucking piece of fucking shit.

I realised it was not the phone for me when I attempted to send a text one handed in the rain. I had to feather touch the keys to try and get the right person and more than often did not. I kept having to cancel out of a message and return to the screen to start again.

Maybe I am too used to a number pad now. Too set in my ways. The irony is that I can two finger type on a computer keyboard - as I am now - but I had to look and carefully peck each key on the Blackberry's QWERTY board. It took me about three minutes to send a four word text.

When I had the phone clenched in my white-knuckled fist and I had it hoisted in the air and was ready to dash the fucker onto the road I knew then and there my abortive love affair with the Blackberry was ashes.

Into the pocket it went. When I got home I swapped the SIM back into the old handset.

The cost of the Blackberry was built into the two year plan I am now signed on to. I have no idea how to reclaim any money from it apart from trying to sell the handset on Ebay or something.

Really ... it's my fault. I got so enamored with the idea of having a QWERTY board I totally didn't factor size of keys, keys serving multiple roles depending on the ALT key being actioned, and (oddly) the having to look for the keys to press it. I also thought for some reason I'd be able to one hand text with it - which clearly I could not.

The Blackberry is back in its box. And I am back to using to my shitty $40 Nokia handset. A handset I know how to use and that I can easily use one handed. Plus my personal dictionary has 'Fucking' in it now so at least I don't have to 'insert word' to get that up and running.

Blackberry ... suckberry.

That is all.


  1. If I can find it I have a slightly nicer keypad hanset that you can have. I'll see if I can turn it up.

  2. Area woman sweater than golden syrup swirled into luxury vanilla ice-cream when I used to stay up late to watch Deadwood!

  3. I just got Gam's old BlackBerry Bold, and I love the thing, it's like the brain I never had, plus I can talk to Gam through the day on BBM instead of using email/msn. I get a horrible cramp in my hand when trying to hold it in one hand and type with the same hand, though, as I frequently have to do when Setri-wrangling. I honestly don't know how Gam ever managed to type so fast on it, either, with his huge hands. The keys on his new BlackBerry torch are even smaller, but somehow it doesn't bother him. I'm forever mashing keys and typing the wrong thing!


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