Saturday, January 01, 2011

Stop children, what's that sound?

For a few seconds there I didn't know what that soft crumping noise was outside ... oh ... fireworks.

Kewl beans.

Happy arbitrary moment in time-space-now to you all.

Now on with the haranguing.

Fuck-you MXT brand DVD player that I purchased from Coles for $39 that had a picture of a USB port on the cover and thus convinced me that it could play all Div X then further cock teased me via the cover of the manual when it said 'MP4' thus indicating it could play MP4s then only to discover it couldn't ... but there was a seemingly newly revealed graphic on the unit itself that had the words MP4 gold rimmed in plastic ... with the smaller font chaser of 'er ... um ... DVDs only.'

Yes, apparently it will recognise MP4s ... if they're on a DVD disk.

Div X my ahnus.

Speaking of Arnold ... what's he going to do now? He can't go back to movies, surely? Plus he was never a normal GOP man anyway. He married a Kennedy for fuck's sake.

Good lord 10 minutes in and I already broke a didn't-think-of-ressies-at-all-save-to-write-more-sort-of-ressie-ressie of no fucking swearing.

Chortle, chortle. See what I did there? I swore before I revealed no-swearsies.

I am just that fucking fantastic.

Eat it, lessers.

UPDATE: Oh, there was an article on Arnie-now-what in the smh. There you go. Great minds etc.

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