Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jon Stewart on the Arizona Shootings

I was wondering what Stewart and the team were going to do in regards to the Arizona Shootings.

They played it straight. One brief funny bit then a serious, well-reasoned look at the situation and in the issue of words and rhetoric and does it have an impact on those nutters out there looking for a blaze of glory.

It's a good piece. Totally worth the watching.

I also read accounts of how bystanders came to act - tackling the gunman, stopping him from reloading, and pinning him until the police came - some of them shot when they did so. The raw courage of such ordinary people astounds and astonishes me.

I am also gratified to Wikipedia for titling the event's chronicling as the Tucson Shooting and not the Giffords Shooting. Because while Giffords was the probable target, she did not die - six others did instead, and many others were wounded. The labelling owes itself to remember all, the place, not the most important person who happened to be shot. Obviously the higher up the status of the figure, well then that starts to trend to naming it after them. The Reagan assassination attempt, gravely wounded the president - the scope of his injuries kept from the public - but despite others being wounded - one more seriously than Reagan, Jim Brady (1), when it comes to the leader of the free world I think it's fair enough to name an incident after them.

After-all how we name things matters. Just look at Macedonia, and how genocide is applied to history.

UPDATE: Salon has an excellent piece looking at the history and culture of political violence in the United States.

(1) Whose injuries lead him to lobby for gun control in his later life. I find there some irony in Brady promoting gun control given his being a republican ... a party that has historically clung to the second amendment like a Remora with a shark. But I suppose getting shot in the head is liable to change most people's views about guns and their awesomeness. (2)

(2) I confess ... I have fired guns before ... and it was a lot of fun. I also enjoy first-person shooters. Do I feel the burning need to own use, and home-store one? Fuck no. And I'm a dude who actually kept magazine clippings of guns and other military tat, wore a NATO uniform as childwear, went everywhere with a jigsawed outline of a gun painted blacker-than-black, and who in all his childhood pictures of 'stuff that he did that day' (3) included a picture of his dad, whether or not dad was actually present, holding a rifle.

(3) I have them here in Canberra. I will scan some in and blog them.

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    This is a reasoned response from one very very angry man...


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