Monday, January 03, 2011

Books I read in 2010

I added that blog element 'books read' list thing cos I like to keep score. Yeah, that's right people who didn't pay up in MS Read'a'thon '80; I still keep lists. And I got one of who you are too.

Great minds etc. ...

So this list is the 2010 list since I am restarting books read list for 2011.

The order is earliest read in 2010 to last.

I should italicise the titles but I simply cannot be fucked. I am on holiday (1).

Wyvern's Spur by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb
"Bad Ideas?" An Arresting History of Our Inventions: How Our Finest Inventions Nearly Finished Us Off by Robert Winston
WAR by Sebastian Junger
Post-war history of Europe since 1945 by Tony Judt
I Believe in Yesterday: My Adventures in Living History by Tim Moore
Swords against Wizardry by Fritz Leiber
Swords against the mist by Fritz Leiber
Conan the Freebooter by Robert E Howard and L.Sprague de Camp
Conan by Robert E Howard (edited by L.Sprague de Camp)
Conan the Avenger by Björn Nyberg, Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp
Conan of Aquilonia by L.Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter
The New Rome? The fall of an empire and the fate of America by Cullen Murphy
Skyship by John Brosnan
The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
Lord Tedric—The Space Pirates by E.E. Smith
A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
Alistair Cooke's America by Alistair Cooke
Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential by James Moore and Wayne Slater
Western Horizon: Sydney's heartland and the future of Australian politics by David Burchell
Citizen Soldiers by Stephen Ambrose
At Home: A short history of private life by Bill Bryson
The Final Cut by Michael Dobbs
To Play the King by Michael Dobbs
House of Cards by Michael Dobbs
Terror in the name of God: why religious militants kill by Jessica Stern
Colossus: The Rise and Fall of the American Empire by Niall Ferguson
What if? America edited by Robert Cowley
Friends of the family: The inside story of the Mafia Cops Case by Tommy Dades, Mike Vecchione and David Fisher
The Hot Kid by Elmore Leonard
Mr. Clarinet by Nick Stone
Whoever fights monsters by Robert K Ressler and Tom Shachtman
Stormfront by Jim Butcher
Best served cold by Joe Abercrombie
Lies and the lying liars who tell them—a fair and balanced look at the right by (Senator) Al Franken
The truth with jokes by (Senator) Al Franken
Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie
Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot: And Other Observations by (Senator) Al Franken
Brand Failures by Matt Haig
Before they are hanged by Joe Abercrombie
The blade itself by Joe Abercrombie
Have a nice doomsday by Nicholas Guyatt
HMS Ulysses by Alistair MacLean

(1) UPDATE It's 2014. I re-visited this post to italicise the titles

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