Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bin Laden hates this car

I love The Washington Post. It's an excellent quality paper with great US federal politics coverage and world politics analysis. If it has a fault - and it's not really a fault because it's important to have balanced opinion pages - it's that I occasionally have to read Krauthammer, Gerson, Thiessen or George F Will's columns (1). They're like Gerard Henderson or Magic Water in the SMH but on crack.

While waiting for theWife to rise and tag out wrangling of theBoy (2) I was perusing the Post and came across the article where the columnist got to take home the Chevy Volt for a few days.

The Volt appears to be evidence at last that the fourth wave of innovation is here. Even though it uses mains power that is still largely fueled by coal, its daily charge averages in cost at a $1.50. That's a range of about 40 miles use (3) - and 40 miles or less represents 75% of car journey distances.

All I can say is ... I wantee.

Imagine a future where the supply of oil no longer is one of the major elements of world politics. That's what the Volt represents.

Wow. The future rocks!

(1) All thus named being actual or effectively Republican functionaries in various former Republican administrations. Theissen, a former George W Bush speech writer, actually wrote a book defending the Bush administration's use of torture. What an oily creep.
(2) On weekends I get to sleep in on Saturday and theWife gets to sleep in on Sunday. When I tag out on the Sunday I usually go back to bed for a little bit since theBoy has woken me at 7 am to jump on me, lower half naked, and bounce up and down on my oncewasslumbering
form to gravely inform me that he has done a wee.
(3) Its petrol engine then kicks in and gives a range of 300 miles. It gets about 37 miles to the gallon which I think is about 15 kays to the litre. Which is pretty good. My shitty old white car gets 10 kays to the litre. The Hummer, no longer made, got I think 1 kay to the litre. I imagine the ultimate Bogan vessel of the stretch Hummer would get even less.


  1. That sounds totally hot. Just out of curiosity, what does it currently retail for?

    (You have two footnotes numbered 1 in the text, btw...)

  2. 40k US apparently.


    If I had my lease again ... I'd get a volt!

    (thanks oh sage-like editor!)


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