Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well ... it's effective

Prior to the industrial revolution there were two main power systems; wind and muscle. The latter explains why slavery and / or bondage (not the good Las Vegas kind) existed for so very long. It was only after coal was pressed into service as a fuel source for the goodness of Steam that things started to get a skerrick better for the average man on the dirt rutted lane-way.

My alarm clock used to be my mobile phone. I'd set it for 7:45 on the usually vain hope that it would wake me in time to get ready to make work by 9 am. What usually happened is that I'd wake about an hour before, re-assess my fatigue, then re-key for 8.15 and go back to sleep.

That was then.

Now ... now my waking varies from 7.15 to 8.00 am. Why?

Because theBoy will sneak up to me then loudly announce the presence of a wee in his potty ("I DID A WEE!") and demand I come look at it. Within a minute there I am, standing bleary-eyed and half naked looking at the contents why he does some sort of happy Riverdance nearby.

Damn you human-based energy systems! Damn you all to hell!

UPDATE/SEGUE: I've been brewing up some abdominal badness for three days. We're about to leave on a day's worth of long-distance driving. Yep, now it's chosen to unleash forth. I say this with relish - Oh for Fuck's Sake!

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  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    We missed you last night, dude!


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