Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Self-service checkout fail

One of the Woolies in Canberra is trialling the self-service checkout system. It's a bank of five checkouts. You go up, scan your stuff, then pay by cash or card. A checkout dude is assigned to monitor you and help out.

It's a good system for those people who've just ducked in to get four or five things.

So last night I tried to use it - and I've successfully used it at least three times before. But then it got stuck on one screen. I was annoyed. I yelled at it. 'Work you fucker!'

The monitor stepped over.

'Um,' he said. 'You have to follow the pin pad instructions.'

Yes ... the LCD screen on the checkout computer was helpfully saying 'now look at the pin pad to continue' or words to that effect.

Sheepishly I thanked him ... completed the process and left.

The hilarious thing was that the monitor who provided the face-to-face tech support ... was an Indian dude!

Woolies - they bring the call-centre to you.

PS He was a lovely bloke and he was very polite when he pointed out my tech-fail.

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