Thursday, December 02, 2010

Really ... I do bring it on myself

As noted previously on hundreds occasions I have expressed the ardent self-belief that I, Mikey Harrangueman, am a kak.

I am. There's no denying it. On an objective empirical evidential basis I am hilarious.

Particularly with comedic voices. No one for example comes close to my detailed and actually not meant to be funny but I was laughed at anyway elderly Native American voice as adopted in a game of Cthulhu where I was being an Indian shaman recluse.

When theNoo was a baby I'd read to him at night. Because he was so little it really didn't matter what I read. So in addition to 365 stories for boys and other assorted kiddie chaff I read a lot of 1970s era history books about archaeological finds as well as books about boats.

But I'd get bored.

So I'd do voices. Irish (think Mickey from Snatch), French (John Cleese as a French knight in The Holy Grail), Jamaican (insert stereotypical depiction here), Cockney (Kray brothers or various other Guy Ritchie characters), and of course South African (Lethal Weapon II; the bad guys).

Now theNoo's older he gets particular about voices because he can now express his distaste and his disquiet. Now and then I try for Henry Kissinger (as per the Simpson's appearance) but that usually earns a scream of protest of 'No 'enry kiss'ger!'.

Recently on a whim I decided to try for an impersonation from a recently acquired now-much-watched Pixar film A Bug's Life. I assumed that the moment the vocal characteristics of this character were uttered theNoo would go Liz Lemon and order 'Shut it down ... shut it down'.

He didn't.

He loved it.

Typically the one I selected is one of the dodgier characters ... because when theNoo (aka God) hands out names from movies of what characters we in the house represent, then he hands me the shit (Melman from Madagascar; Scrat from Ice Age etc.). Only this time ... this time I volunteered myself for it.

Who is it?

Yes, that's right, fucking Heimlich.

Here's Heimlich's character snapshot from Wiki: He is gluttonous, frivolous, and contemptuous of anyone he considers less intelligent than himself.

That assignation is about as close to the bone of me in reality as you can get.

No wonder he agreed to it.

You sir have been pwned. By your own son.


  1. Yep. If only Heimlich had a beard I would have said it WAS you! although I think your "a beautiful butterfly"...

  2. Self-inflicted pwnage, my friend...


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