Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Maybe a little less pig shooting and a little more driving practice

The highway heading towards my home splits from two lanes into three. This new outer lane is for faster cars, I guess, because it's near an industrial estate and there's a feeder lane from it to the freeway nearby. The lanes then merge back into two lanes just past the traffic lights. All up there is probably 400 metres of this third lane to enjoy. I typically enjoy it each and every work day since it allows me to scoot past a bunch of cars.

The other day I was behind a four wheel drive just as the two-to-three split came up. Emblazoned on the back of this vehicle was 'Nanna's Pink Pig Shooter'.

The four wheel drive was red.

Then the two lanes swelled to three. I expected "Nanna" to go stay in the now middle lane. She didn't. Nor did she use the outer lane.


She used both.

She drove the entire four hundred metres straddling both lanes and making it so no cars could pass her at all except in the left lane.

I flashed my lights to give a fucking hint. No luck. She just kept on pig shooting trucking.

Stupid booner mol.

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