Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Hat doffed - to the artwork team at The Daily Show

One of the kewl elements of The Daily Show is their use of background title art jokes during Jon Stewart's presentations. Short, punchy combo of words plus graphic that can so enhance the sledge-smackdown that is being delivered against that night's target.

Yeah, yeah, they'd hate me glorifying the combative side of what they do but it's their fault for doing it so very, very well.

Tonight: Gretchen Carlson, one of the hosts of Fox and Friends, a triumvirate of media evil so wrong for the world that the earth has not faced such thrice-ilk since C, C and M. Gretchen was leading the standard Fox charge against secular (slash) differently God-enabled crew that sully Christmas by screeching at the world that the Christ part needs to be heaved, ho'ed, heaved, ho'ed out of the festivities. The Daily Show turned their lidless eye upon Gretch's work.

Thrice-ilk I have to say is just gorgeous.

Any-hoot, the art team.

They rawk.

And here's why.


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