Sunday, October 24, 2010

That's stellar parenting

We try and give the sailor talk the heave ho. But, frustration bubbles to the fore now and then and, well, swearing is likely genetic anyway. When the anger rises so does the ability to control what we say and the tone in which we say it falls away.

I hate getting dressed. When you're riven with aches and pains and have to deal with the equivalent of 30 kilos of padding on your gut getting clothes on is annoying. Add to that reduced flexibility from years of not bothering to be flexible then it can be quite irritating. Putting on socks and undies especially so.

So ... if I get stuck with undies because my foot didn't neatly slip into the circle, or I have to bend awkwardly on occasion I will hiss out a curse.

TheNoo's going through toilet training. This means taking down of his undies and pulling them back up.

As he was pulling them up today they got stuck.

'Oh for fuck's sake,' he yelled.

Yep, that was because of me and my own undie pulling on issues. Stellar parenting Mikey. At least it was topically generated.


  1. At least he's using it in context, I suppose.

  2. Yeah it was contextual. Though I am worried about his pants pulling up at daycare if it goes pear shaped...

  3. :-o That's terrible but also pretty funny! Daycare won't know what hit them!


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