Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mikey risks a funny email

Joke emails in the workplace can be fraught with peril. There's always a risk the recipient could be a thin-lipped humorless type, or have a particular view or outlook that’s never come up before, but your e-aside sends them over the edge of the angry cliff.

In the public service there is a basic rule for joke emails. Don’t pass them on.

Many people ignore this. I don’t. I tend to delete. If I do want to share its goodness then I will extract it manually and send it from a non-work machine.

Yay me.

We had our pink ribbon day morning tea – an excellent in work charity event to promote funding for breast cancer research. After-all, who among us does not like the boobies? Either in owning a pair or enjoying semi-fettered access to some.

My Boss+++ got into the spirit of it. Over his business shirt he wore a T-Shirt that looked a lot like this.

I suspect it’s not an official fund raising Pink Ribbon day effort – at least – so a Google image search indicated. But it was pretty funny.

Later, when I got back to my desk, I sent him a short email…

You look like you were playing Demi Moore in the pottery scene of ghost, assuming they had a pink glaze...

Now that’s a risqué thing to send a high ranker, though I felt fairly safe because I remember him telling us all about his favourite scene in Step Brothers that involved a tea-bagging of a drum kit.

He didn’t respond. I was a tad worried. I need not have been.

Later he told all the other high rankers about it at their meeting and they all laughed.


I leave you now with a link to the best pisstake of the Ghost scene as seen to date by moi.

Community – it’s an awesome series – give it a go.


  1. Gay men. They don't tend to like boobies. Except maybe man boobies.

  2. I think gay dudes would like the aesthetics of the boobies ... after-all there's she males...


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