Friday, October 22, 2010

Jon Stewart on National Public Radio

National Public Radio is kind of like the ABC here in Oz in terms of quality of editorial, reporting and the like. Only it exists by corporate sponsorship.

They recently had an interview with Jon Stewart.

I just put it on and listened to it in the dark, just me and the computer, the room filling with laughter of the crowd at the 92 Y in New York as Stewart was interviewed by Terry Goss.

Great stuff. Totally worth 45 minutes of your time in a dark room. The man is my hero. And I have decided that I am totally adding him to my laminated asteroid deflecting powered by man hugs card.

Sorry S, you got bounced.

UPDATE: Listening in the dark totally reminded me of, as a kid, listening to the BBC radio play of Lord of the Rings. It was a top notch program with great voice actors, music, and the full panoply of radio sound effects available in the mid-late 80s.

When we moved into this older house in my home town my parents turned a large bedroom into two very small ones. For some reason they left a gap between the wall and the ceiling because they had misunderstood gravely the kind of brothership I had with my younger brother at the time and they thought we'd talk each other to sleep like 'do ... do you think they would do it?!' twins. No, they were wrong. We kept to ourselves or threw shit at each other through the gap like a cold breath apart meeting of trenches in World War One.

With the house safely extended and our persons on other sides of the house - like nearly 30m away - I'd still go and hang out in my old room now and then because it had the old radio and the black and white TV in it. That is until the latter was seized by my younger brother by simply dint of taking it and put in his own room - and he was allowed to do it because ... my parents banned us watching TV after dinner and he was the youngest and had two years of TV to catch up on. Yeah ... bit of a parental fail on that one.

The old radio is what I listened to Lord of the Rings on.

It was a transistor radio - just - and I think it had a clock in it - no, wait it was a thick dial used to tune to the right band. It was plastic - again, just - heavy duty white with this strange black sandpaper like glued on facade, very thick almost cardboard paper, that I gradually tore away in small specs as I listened to Lord of the Rings.

They played it over a summer holidays. I remember because during the run we were down at the coast - forcing together the family into tight confines for festive cheer or some such. Because the olden days where taping shit from the radio - yes kids, we did that, was difficult then you had to either listen to it live or miss out. So since it was still playing I'd go sit in the old kombi van and listen to it on the stereo. At least, I think I did. I might be conflating other late night summer radio "viewing" experiences into the one memory string.

Anyway, even now part of me wants to re-listen to Lord of the Rings some 25 years after I heard it because it did such an effective job of pulling me away from the real world, and taking me to Middle Earth where one could imagine themselves as someone of well, maybe not importance, but definitely hero material and not just a poor fuck like Dennis grubbing around in a muddy paddock.

I leave you with this thought ... there's some lovely filth down here...

PS I think this is a link to the radio play. I will audiology-scope it out and "hear" if that's the case. It is it! Awesome. I still remember the intro music.

PPS My mum was a ABC journalist at around that time. She used her resources to bootleg copy me the radio play of the Hobbit. She also one birthday got me rune stones because she heard an interview about them. That's so cool she did that.


  1. Points for use of the word "conflate". For some reason I was thinking about it yesterday. :)

    Never heard the radio play, but I was also recalling with fondness my love of the illustrated edition of The Hobbit, which I got as a kid, and the sheer wonder when as a teenager I was told THERE WERE MORE BOOKS!

  2. Oooo I want to see that!


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