Wednesday, October 27, 2010

W-a-a-v-e goodbye...

I found out today that Backie McStab, a former boss (I think she was 7 of 15), is fucking off somewhere else.

Good riddance.

A nastier boss I have yet to endure. She is the only person I know of that actively and maliciously set out to hurt me in the workplace. Since that is the sociopath in the fruit shop who pulled a knife on me when I called his never-appearing 'it will be here next week' car stereo Snuffalupagus.

In my 20 months in my current building I don't think I've said a single word with BS and barely even exchanged eye-contact. I confess that I was worried if she had said something to me then the anger would have risen to the surface and I'd have said something unprofessional, so it's good she's going.

It be nice too if she took Buckwheat and Manhands with her as well.

Still if it's just her going then I guess the triumvirate of the fucked is now just a dastardly duo.

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