Sunday, October 24, 2010

Booner cops

I dislike utes and ute drivers. If I see a sparkly ute in an urban environment I assume the driver is a cock-spank unless circumstances prove otherwise. I know it's a highly judgmental way to think, and I even admit bigoted, but then my evidence of interactions with ute drivers and seeing them in action on the roads almost justifies it.

So I have to ask myself why the fuck the Australian Federal Police here in Canberra decided to bring into play a bunch of souped up police utes branded as Rapid Responders.

Is it the inner bogan in the cops rising to the fore? Or do they honestly believe that utes give them superior response capability?

Given the high incident of fuckwittery that is present in the ute owning / driving population surely it seems an unusual move from the boys in blue to sign up to motoring in the very same?

Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Dude - they're not rapi responders...they're Team RAPID. It's the rego police. They're the ones whose cars are outfitted to scan every plate they drive past (well, license plate, anyway), which links to the database containing info about if the car is registered, stolen, etc. And they've actually been doing a damn fine job.

    Also, being a country boy, you should appreciate a good ute. The bigger the aerials and mudflaps the better the yir...

  2. That makes sense - the rego thing. Extra storage space for the kit but also the ability to chase down the naughty person, which they wouldn't have in a Torago.

    I don't judge drivers of utes where it's clear they're a tradie. But the ones that are all shiny and have a bunch of strap-on accessories? You bet I do!

  3. I agree that if it's a tradie's ute, and it's battered and clearly used in a trade-like capacity, then they get a benefit of the doubt.

    As for the choosing of the ute by the cops I still call epic fail for chosing a vehicle that is by and large driven by cock-spanks and likely overrepresented in terms of citations assigned.


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