Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wee wee wee all the way home

I 'more than walked' from one suburb to another. I think it was two kays. All the way, without stopping. I confess though I didn't want to go under the over pass where some bored looking hoodie teens were congregating and I am sure that if I had not had my earphones blaring news radio I likely would have heard some unpleasant comments re my jiggling person.

Still ... I managed to find a pace that I could maintain that was indeed faster than walking. Not quite jogging, a mid point between jogging and walking. Though more a slow jog than a fast walk.

My face is on fire and my thinning strands of hat hair are crown roasting but still ... I managed a longer distance than yesterday and, most importantly, this morning I didn't wake up stiff and horrid ... in the legs department ... from y'day's running efforts so I was able to once more into the ambling breach dear friends to fill the more than walking void with my ample person.

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