Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Speaking of partisan chum buckets...

The chum bucket...

1) The bucket used out of shot when filming that an actor can spit food into instead of swallowing when doing a take where their character chows down. Because ... you'd get full.

2) The headquarters of the plankton villain in Sponge Bob Square Pants

3) The Australian newspaper.

TheOz as it is affectionately known, or The Government Gazette back when Howard was in government, is a partisan chum bucket of a paper. Skewed to older Australians and business, it's decided that preachin' to the choir is the choice of the now paper-generation, and actual balanced coverage of issues is a no thanks. It also recently declared war on the Greens, decrying the party as being, oddly enough, overly forthright in its viewpoints.

TheOz also does not like bloggers. I think in part because a lot of them find their journalism - more the opinion parts - to be unintentionally hilarious with their crude childish bias and their ability to blow out of all fucking proportion errors committed on the Labor party's watch - the Education building scheme and the pink batts scheme to name but two. Which as irony would have it were two of the 10 point responses parroted by the opposition during the election campaign of 2010 which The Australian asked nicely to have been put in power.

One blogger theOz didn't like was Grogs Gamut, an anonymous public servant blogger who talked about government and politics and likely without performing some nifty brown nosing on the Liberals like theOz does.

So what did theOz do recently?

They outed him. Having confirmed his real identity they gleefully sprayed it over their mastheads.

Indeed theOz said this about him

The prolific blogger shows a strong preference for the ALP, despite the Public Service code of conduct stating that "the APS is apolitical, performing its functions in an impartial and professional manner".

These fuckwits don't realise that as a public servant you're entitled to have personal beliefs and express those beliefs. You just can't do it as a representative of the public service. Gamut was a blogger who happened to be a public servant. Not a public servant acting as a blogger. I doubt however they'd see the difference because of a mental deficiency and a lack of common decency.

Gamut was anonymous when he blogged. Therefore he was NOT in violation of the code of conduct because he DID NOT REPRESENT THE PUBLIC FUCKING SERVICE WHEN HE FUCKING BLOGGED.

The reason I started this anonymously was because as a public servant I realised I could not blog about politics and government if my identity was known, even though I was doing it as myself and not as a public servant, because of the danger of people like Andrew Bolt and TheOz trying to blow it all out of proportion. That and in the public service you cannot comment in the media, without clearance, about your direct job or more broadly your agency or organisation.

And I bet you buckets to donuts Gamut, in his capacity as a public servant in his day to day job, did his job well and without fear or favour when Howard was in and when the ALP got the chair. I know I did and do the many many years I worked under both parties. You know why that's easy to do? Because at the end of the day we are there to help people, and we do that no matter who holds government. Yeah, yeah, I hear a lot of people slagging off public servants. And maybe there is a little truth to the attitude that public servants like being public servants because the pay is reasonable and the conditions are great. But a main draw to the job is, that at the end of the day you know that you are small cog in a big machine that's designed to manage people for the better.

Unlike people at The Australian.

I find it delish that a paper whose political coverage is festooned with 'anonymous party sources' - especially when it comes to destabilizing a party leader they don't like (anyone in the chair in the ALP / Malcolm Turnbull in the Libs) deigns itself to be the arbiter of who is allowed to be anonymous.

But then bloggers directly imperil The Australian because they've lost their near monopoly of political opinion in this country. Thinking people who are IT literate who can see through the laughably backward 'ALP him no good, me kill mammoth' caveman esq arguments of their stable of opinion columnists cause The Australian grief because they directly impact on that paper's relevance and ability to influence opinion. The Greens I am glad to see have an active media campaign to make sure they and their affiliated brethren respond appropriately to News Limited's seeking of information about them and also regard dealing with theOz as a proper media organisation is utterly fruitless. I think too the ALP is starting to do the same.

What a sad laughable pack of elitist idiots. Yes, elitist. Not in the educated grounded in empirical evidence seeking and considered analysis sense as they'd use it. In the talking out their arse with no justification to do so apart from a half-backed dated world view sense. You know, they think they're better than everyone else and taxes should be lower because winners pay high taxes etc.

I wouldn't be surprised if theOz tried to keep propaganda tips to the billionaire miners when they used their company workers to hold protests against the mining tax. You know, the ones with the manufactured protest signs that all said the same thing.

Ah the mining protest. Not astroturfing, more like vomiting coal dust into the face of Australian democracy.


  1. Agree with you totally about the Austrian. It is interesting that the company I work for requires me to identify myself as an employee should I ever deign to comment on that particular industry. We were all forced - and I mean forced to do a course on dealing with social media which was framed as a comic strip - thus defining what our employer thought of our collective mentalities.

  2. Well by rights you should declare when you have a conflict of interest on a subject.

    What shits me is opinion columnists never ever do.

    Gerard Henderson used to be Howard's Chief of Staff when the dessicated coconut was in opposition. Does Hendo mention that? No, never.

    Paul Sheehan is clearly involved with the Liberal party but never discloses it. Miranda Devine - a dyed in the wool militant catholic and involved with the libs - attending as their special guest post election functions - likewise never declared.

  3. One thing that particularly bothered me was their stupid assertion that public servants are not allowed to have political opinions even as private citizens. Did they even repeat that line out loud before committing it to print?

  4. If you follow that thought to its natural conclusion, public servants shouldn't be allowed to vote...

  5. I still remember walking up to the fifth floor that time at work and seeing someone had a giant 6x3 foot poster of Howard above her desk. Now that's a violation!


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