Saturday, September 18, 2010

Emotive gut punch

When you're feeling sad then external stimuli like songs can set the tears a'flowin' . Even ads that rely on emotional resonance can trigger da flood.

This one gets me. I've yet to drop tears on it but all the elements are there. A young turtle's struggle to navigate his childhood and a theme song designed to make you dissolve into a puddle of salty sad water.

Damn you Franklin!

Franklin however does suffer from one particular trait that is common to anthropomorphic animals - the selective wearing of clothing. Sometimes a hat, sometimes a scarf. And, most oddly, sometimes a shirt worn "under" the shell.

If he's just in a shirt doesn't that imply that he's ... tackle out?

UPDATE: TheNoo had to see a doc yesterday, who was checking his agility. He asked theNoo to walk on tippy-toes to the door and back. As theNoo strode forth his nappy ... slowly slid down to the floor. So in the end he was running around just in a shirt, his cute lil' tushie and tackle area waggling at the world. I used to do this thing called river nudes where I'd do a river dance in a harry high pair of pants and the vigorous action would carry the pants past the point of kept on the waist and drop to the floor. It is the way of such things. Eventually ... the son out does the father.

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