Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ah Spring

Spring in Canberra is a big deal. It gets cold here - not so cold as to get snow, worse luck - and so when plants blossom into new life well, it's a nice thing.

We have semi-casual Friday in my office. I normally celebrate by wearing my Hawaiian shirt. As does A who sits on the north side of the horseshoe from me.

One of our news starters is a girl from Queensland. She sent around a branch wide email suggesting that this casual Friday that in deference to the start of Spring that we all wear something that had a floral motif.

I sent an email...

Do A and my Hawaiian shirts count? They're floral. Plus mine smells like a meat cooked in a hangi. Well, I wish. If it did I'd probably end up unconsciously chewing on my collar like a dog trying to bypass its neck cone.

Sounds like an awesome fragrance. I can see the ad now.

'Be like the flesh cooked on hot rocks underground... Hangi ... by Calvin Klein.'

Now I have to admit, I didn't expect a reply, but well, I got one!

Somehow you make a rather revolting concept and fragrance sound raunchy....

And yep - Hawaiian shirts definitely count!

A response was needed!

That's the beauty of Calvin Klein. You can take any statement of grossness then leap to the title + maker.


Fetid water seeping into a freshly dug grave ... Eau cadavre by Calvin Klein

Excellent. I checked my shirt today and it has palm trees on it. Now I know that technically palm trees are not deciduous and thus do not rebirth in Spring, however one could argue that palm trees are an iconic representation of a pleasant seasonal atmosphere of oceanic warmth and thus count.

M suggested I could wear a flower in my hair. I could either glue it over my bald spot or entwine it in my below neck hair but either way I'd argue it's a bad look...

Yeah ... I got no further replies.


  1. Poor girl has probably moved back to Queensland...


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