Saturday, August 07, 2010

Oh for fcks sake

The Libs are polling 51% on two party preferred.

(Shakes fist at heavens!)


These arse-hats would have put us in recession. They would have further entrenched "work choices" and they would have further brutalised refugees had they been in government.

And you know what? Howard likely would have still been PM.

Now ... now Australians are forgetting what they did and are ignoring what they wanted to do in government and are on the verge of giving them another go - Abbott as PM of all people!

Seriously, I am boggled. Utterly boggled. What an epic Ozzer fail.


  1. That is fucked. All I can do is hope that Labor slide by on Green preferences - if people park their votes in Greens as a protest for real (as opposed to with the Libs in a poll where the Greens aren't available), then hopefully Labor will come back.

  2. Labor, not the public should be the accurate target of your ire, Mikey. They are the idiots who let this happen, them and the milquetoast media.

  3. Hey I admit the ALP made mistakes. But the libs are coasting on the bizare media narritive of this campaign. Tony Abbott has done so so so much wrong in his governmental, ethical and political life yet here he is with barely a magnifying glass on him. It shits me.


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