Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A solo visit to clogs and windmills cooking

Recently we did a course where we learned to come from a positive viewpoint in how we related to business. It was kewl. One of the things to be positive was to ask 'and how are you feeling?' at the start of gatherings. The idea being you would share when you're up and down and basically feel like people are taking an interest.

So we did that today.

'And Mikey, how are you feeling?'


Apparently telling the truth when it has a fecal tinge is not viewed as positive sharing.

I don't see why ... they will share it whether they like it or not.

Continuing in this methane vein(*), the other night I was enduring yet another bloated night out on the couch. It's a comfie couch at least as it's actually a fold down bed-couch - but I leave it in couch mode because pressing my hairy back against the couch's back makes me feel better.

I was gassy. I was wrapped in a doonah against the Canberra cold.

Now by their powers combined ... what happened was that when I moved position all that gas I'd banked up below would shoot up my padded neck hole and howl along my twin olfactory tubes with a shrieking vengeance.

Yes, it''s true. I'd given myself a dutch oven.

is that right? vein? or should it be vane? or vain? I thought vein cos it's a kind of road for blood that "continues along


  1. 'Vein' is right, at least as far as I'm aware.

    And are you sure that course was so cool? I would've thought a reply of 'gassy' would've raised a smile in place where the whole point is not supposed to be a sourpuss!

  2. I think it's more because I talked about it way too much. You know when someone shrieks 'stop talking!' I'm the sort of person that continues on for another 20-25 words after they asked me not to...


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