Monday, July 26, 2010

Pigman, baby, Pigman!

With thanks as ever to Seinfeld.

Recently I was on a course. In the public service we get sent on these things, often against our will. 'I'm too busy!' etc. This was the case for me however I got a huge benefit out of it and I am so glad I did it.

On such courses on occasion a coordinator or facilitator will throw out a group exercise challenge. Sometimes it has a message. Sometimes it's just there to break up the day and re-energise people.

The challenge was to take a sheet of butcher's paper and pass it around the table. Each time you got it you had to rip a piece off the paper. The aim was, together, to create a recognisable animal shape from the multiple tearing.

What was the catch? You couldn't communicate with your team members. No talking, no drawing, no gestures etc.

Awesome new boss was in my group.

I immediately cheated by adopting the "pigman" look from Seinfeld, as from the awesome episode linked to above. I pretended to have an itch but it was an obvious overt rort on the game in order we choose the animal in advance.

Cunning, eh?

Well it started well. Around the table the paper went. Then ... something odd happened. Awesome new boss silently folded the paper in half and ripped out a chunk on the fold in the manner of creating a paper doll. She opened the paper again. Our roughly formed pig now had a massive hole in the middle. It looked like someone had taken a shottie and gone chick-chunk BLAM!

It was only when it returned back to her that she realised we were making a pig. She'd thought, for some reason, we were making a paper cat's head. The hole in the middle was going to be its nose.

Naturally at this point we pissed ourselves laughing at our ripped butcher's paper pig with the massive hole in the middle.

When we went back to the full group we disclosed that we'd had a hitherto unknown pro-cat faction within the group.

At that point I yelled loudly, SPLITTER...

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