Monday, July 12, 2010

New release goodness - In the Loop

TheWife and I mostly get our movie fare as new releases from the local DVD shop. Basically, once you have a kidlet then movie going out time - and we went to the movies practically weekly - is severely reduced. It really only happens if theWife's mum is in town or we take a mutual day off work and theNoo is in day care.

We share each other's likes for DVDs for the most part, but now and then if theWife is not around then I can branch out into Mikey-likes, like bang-bang serious action stuff or political themed dramas or dramedys.

Recently my Mikey like was this one - In the loop.

Don't click if you don't want spoilers. The basic non-spoiler back-of-the-box teaser (from Wiki) is as follows: The President of the United States and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom are looking to launch a war in the Middle East. The plot follows government officials and advisers in their behind-the-scenes efforts either to promote the war or prevent it

Just awesome - especially for sector seven G drones that work in the hallowed halls of the civil service. It's even a little painful in spots because of its near brush with reality in how political meets government.

So if you're a fan of The West Wing, Yes Minister, Yes Prime Minister, The Hollowmen, and other smart political drama or satire then you will love this.


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  2. Wow, those spammers are just loving you, how are they getting through the word validation?

    Anyway, terrific film!

  3. Sounds interesting, but I am very bad at following up on movie recommendations! :)

  4. Sigh ... I'm checking the settings again.

    Good news Casso. Your local DVD shop is the same as mine and that's where I got it from.


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