Thursday, July 29, 2010

Calling the obese fatties

The UK health minister, Anne Milton, has come up with an interesting way to address the rise in obesity. Make people who are obese feel bad about themselves by calling them fat.

Here's a piccie of Anne Milton

To paraphrase Churchill, madam I can lose weight.

You on the other hand will always be an ugly hateful mofo.

How can a pig ignorant knuckle like the bride of Frankenstein here make it to a ministry?

I guess it's just the shallowness of the conservative gene pool that allows it.


  1. Did you see on the linked poll that 77% of people agreed with her? :|

  2. I bet you my trusty groat they don't know when obese medically kicks in and that a bunch of that 77 would be classified as "fatty mcfat fat" by the minister of health.

    Mental health and depression is such a huge impact on health in the west. I find it somewhat ironic that a health minister would encourage further depression in people because of their issues with their bodies.

    I'd like to see her book ended by a couple of aggrieved chubbos.


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