Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bathtime fun - just add sharks

A while back we went to an aquarium. During our visit we bought a pack of plastic sharks for the noodles man.

I remember walking back along the nearby boardwalk - a shark nestled in my top pocket as we'd opened the packet and given him a few to play with - and I just started singing.

'There's a shark on my nipple and it's giving it a squeeze, giving it a squeeze, giving it a squeeze. There's a shark on my nipple and it's giving it a squeeze ... in the most delightful way...'

Good times.

Recently a bunch of the sharks entered the Thunderdome that is the Noodles watery play pen.

The bath.

So when I am master of ceremonies I get a normal shark and he gets a hammer head. Normal shark likes to hop along the edge like he's running and shout 'SHOES' 'cos he's seen a crate fall off a ship and he wantee! TheNoo yells SHOES too and the hammer head follows.

Then hammer head falls into the bath and normal shark goes looking for him. 'You okay mate? Yeah, can I have a chew on your head flange?'

Then I try and stick normal shark's mouth over the hammer head's head but theNoo drags him back under the water. Then it's diving time - theNoo flips his into the air and I chuck mine up and over the glass partition between the shower and the bath so normal shark drops into the water with a splunk.

Today the flannel monster turned up and did battle with the sharks. 'Arrrghh, flannel monster. Look it's absorbing water! It's unnatural!'

Sharks at bathtime are kewl.

UPDATE: The kids, and their music, might not know what
the Thunderdome is. That just makes me sad.

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