Thursday, July 22, 2010

The adjustment

Well I didn't want to inflict my badness on colleagues while my bod adapted to the absence of pro-biotics so I stayed home.

Verdict? Pretty smelly. Some pain, but I was able to produce some Ultra-chocs so that was a blessing. It's pretty sad when in your life a key moment is being able to shit properly like a proper person. I guess it's similar to how a man with a swollen prostate feels when he manages to cut a decent slash.

Right now I'm about a two on the to ten pain scale. Bearable. I'm not being too rank and I have at least have some rumbling pre-shock indicators that I am about to thar he blows so I can get to a safe* spot to left fly.

I believe the route I shall take will be past the triumvirate of the fucked, the three dodgiest people I have worked with in the public service, so if I do let fly on the way to the toilet they shall suffer my stinky wake.

Take that into your back-face.

* I originally typed "save spot" like it was a point in a game. What sort of game would it be? Office Farts? White Collar Rectal Blowing? The great workplace farting adventure? Whatever it was called I don't think it would sell well.


  1. I saw the tale end of Good Game, that TV show about computer games, and they just had a competition where people could suggest a new game idea. The winner was a game called "Office Wars". Maybe the farting thing could be a special level...

  2. Oh yeah. For sure. You could have judges score the waft reek.


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