Monday, June 28, 2010

Coles Master Chef FAIL

I don't watch Master Chef. Indeed I try and avoid most "reality" TV where possible - which as irony would have it - is rarely real.

If you don't watch Master Chef then you may be unaware that Coles is the prime sponsor and ads and product placement for the ubermench of Supermarkets Oz style litter the program like spilled salt.

Coles have even gone so far as to have some of their staff at the checkouts wearing the official aprons.

Here's an image I found on the web (so not mine).

When I saw a poor check-out chickling wearing one I pointed and laughed.

'I can't believe they make you wear that,' I said.

She agreed.

'Yeah,' she said. 'At least it's a thicker apron. Though they make us take them off if we have a break.'

'Why?' I asked.

'So they don't get dirty,' she said.



  1. The Gruen transfer Ep about the product placement in Masterchef was an eye opener. Basically the ad lads said PP was a superior form of ad because you didn't zone it out since it was part of the show.

    I think that was the method for ads in The Truman Show as well.


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