Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tales ... of theNoo

TheNoo has entered the obsessive phase. His twin passions are "carsode", which is his shorthand for an episode of play school that features a toy car being constructed out of cardboard, paint, and microwaved play-doh, and Monsters Inc. The latter is bearable. I've now seen it about 45 times. Lucky it's such a good movie even if now I am watching stuff in the background just to see what's there.

Today we were in the end room. He was pottering about as Monsters Inc blared and I was reading the paper. TheNoo wiped his hand on my leg. At first I thought he was patting it. Then I smelled the reek of shit.

He'd breeched, inadvertently scratched back there, then upon getting poo on his fingers naturally wiped it off ... on me.

Fair enough. Fortunately my trackie-daks had already been ruined by me just an hour before when at Bunnings I'd sat down with theNoo to help him paint a box for mummy day and gotten paint all over them.

The other day I was at home and heard the car pull up with theWife and theNoo. Unlike most people he's generally happy to see me and will even try and find me in the house. For a laugh, and to snare a cuddle, I decided to sack out on the front lawn and pretend to be asleep. The idea would be that he would see me, run over to check me and, as he was in reach, I'd grab him and wrestle him into a cuddle position.

He walked right past me to the door. TheWife said 'look noodles, there's daddy.'

I heard him turn. Then there was a sharp pain in the side of my head.

Turns out he'd had a hard plastic half filled sippy cup in his hand. Rather than risk getting close to me, and thus risking a likely snatch and grapple, he decided to "wake me up" by pitching said sippy cup at my noggin.

You have to hand it to him. That's pretty smart.

Cuddle. Avoided.

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  1. Lol... cunning!

    But please oh please let our boy toilet-train early lest I ever be used as his poo-rag. That's more than a person should have to bear@


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