Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sometimes I tell porkies by T Abbott, esq.

Tony Abbott has come out and said what most of us already know, that when people talk sometimes they talk shit. Tony said that, if it's in a speech or a policy document, then you know what, that's gospel. Outside that straitlaced wordy environment locked in a printed wordy matrix, then take it with a grain of salt.

You can see an ABC take on this here.

You know what? Kudos. He has admitted what most of us do. We embellish, we plead, we counter, we argue and so forth. And sometimes, in the heat of the moment, what we say may not be 100% accurate.

The only trouble is that Tony, and indeed all sides of politics, have been guilty of attacking their rivals over seemingly innocuous comments and blowing them out of all proportion. They all do it, and, to my lefty mind, conservatives are the biggest shockers at it. Remember Peter Garret getting blasted by the coalition during the 2007 election for his 'when we get in, we'll just change it all' joke to shock jock Steve Price? The coalition went absolutely bananas bonkers over that and jumped up and down and gibbered with froth that this "jocular statement" was indeed the Fabian society's equivalent of the freshly revealed Protocols of the Elder's of Zion world wide conspiracy to force socialism down the throats of one and all.

Naturally coalition types have been defending the Tonester's rare admission of reality. My favourite was from Joyce.

From the above link...

The man demoted by Mr Abbott for making too many gaffes, Senator Barnaby Joyce, also defended the Opposition Leader.

"What someone might say to their lover in the heat of passion is entirely different - or should be entirely different - to what you would say to the lady checking out your groceries at the supermarket," he told ABC New Radio's Marius Benson.

I heard this interview and, to his credit, Marius countered with 'I don't understand your analogy'.

I don't know about Joyce, but when I am in the throes of passion I like to blurt out supermarket themed love statements.

'Oh god, price check ... on ... tomatoes... bananas $6.99 a kilo ... oh god ... two loaves of Noble rise for $6, save $2.70 ... oh god, Oh God, OH GOD ... ahhh ....... ahhh ... ohh ... ah ... ... ... um ... clean up in aisle three...'

Thanks Barners for the great words.

UPDATE: I went looking to see if, at the time, Tony piped up about Peter Garrett and the Steve Price moment. While at the time Tony, as far as I can tell, didn't join the PM and others in denouncing Garret as some sort of communist agitator intent on bringing back collective farms, I found this on the Tonester's site where another sycophantic punter brought up the "change it all" line, and Tony then promptly thanked them for reminding him of it. Absolutely no remarks about 'look, heat of the moment etc' of course.


  1. I heard that interview with Joyce as I was pulling into the carpark at work, and I'm sure they heard my halfway-offended halfway-amused "WHAT??" on the other side of town when he made that supermarket comment! His defence of Abbott pretty much amounted to:

    a) Well, people need a bit of time to settle into a job (the interviewer replied that politicians have never been granted this luxury by either side or the public); and

    b) Ummm - Kevin Rudd lied about the ETS, so there!

    While it's true most of us do elaborate when we're talking (especially you, Mikey!), I think we can expect our politicians not to do so when they're answering questions either of interviewers or of the public via talkback radio. That isn't unreasonable.

  2. So is Kerry O'brien the checkout chick, or the heated lover??

  3. "Supermarket theme love statements." Pure gold!

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  5. He's a lover not a ginger


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