Friday, May 07, 2010

More stories!

Lately theNoo's been demanding stories where he's the star. If you tell the story of Shrek you have to, for example, insert him into the narrative. Hence the appearance of a faerie "the noo" that appears alongside Donkey when Shrek turns up to remonstrate with the soldiers for polluting his swamp with make-believe characters.

Last night, and this morning on the way to day-care, theNoo demanded a tale staring himself ... and mummy!

I was pressed. I had nothing in the bank. It went something along these lines...

'Once upon a time there was a boy called (TheNoo). And he lived with his mummy in a tall tower in an enchanted forest. One day a prince came to the tower seeking to rescue a princess and Mummy said bugger off. But (TheNoo) wanted adventure so he sneaked off and asked the prince if he could go with him. And that he thought he knew where he had heard a princess was being kept captive ... in SNAKE MOUNTAIN! Named for the discoverer, Edward R Snake. And also ... the mountain looked like a snake. So they headed off for SNAKE MOUNTAIN! and sneaked in through the snake's cloaca. There they found the princess in the dungeon ... only it wasn't a royal woman ... it was a sheep! And Princess was her name. And also the Prince wasn't a prince - his name was Prince and he was an effete rock star. Then (TheNoo) said 'Oi, shouldn't you be shearing that?' and Prince said 'I'm not sharing this with anyone'.

He seemed to like it. He asked for it twice. But then he's two. He's amused by vomit noises.


  1. He's heard it about 20 times now. At night he asks for a verbal story ... featuring himself. So then I give him a drop down menu of stories.

    'Which one honey? TheNoo Shepherd? TheNoo Pirate? TheNoo Mummy? TheNoo Shrek?'

    The only trouble is he gets into it then demands a repeat performance - like the laughing baby from Teletubbies. Sometimes I'm in there an extra 15 mins saying the same stories over and over. Then I get him to say 'last story' and I tell it to him and then I leave. Then he cries. Sometimes for a minute before he zonks. Sometimes for an hours.

    What can I say? I'm that good a story teller...


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