Monday, February 22, 2010

Tea Parties unmasked

In the states they recently had the CPAC - the Conservative something something gab fest where angry righties front up and blame Democrafts and soft-cock Republicans for the nation's woes. I went on the media matters website and caught some of Glen Beck, noted Fox front man / resident uber crazy, in full tinfoil hat flight. In Oz he'd either be relegated to talk radio only. or be institutionalized.

Peter Hartcher writing in the SMH commented about the similarities between conservatives in lock-step attack mode / no compromise in both US and Australian politics. He also raised the idea of the Tea Party movement getting a start here. Then a friend told him it had already been and gone.

Yes, the Tea Parties are essentially One Nation. In Oz this rage against the dying of insular whitey, whose epicentre was a flag draped small business woman named Pauline Hanson, had its day in the sun back in the late 90s. However a combination of the Australian conservative party, the oddly named Liberal Party stepping hard right and taking on board much of their complaints about reffos (the 2% of immigrants being asylum seekers - all the while massively upscaling "skilled migration"), and Ozzers recognising that One Nation was the death throes kick of a fading mindset saw it ash and puff away like a proper vampire - not the moronic Twilight super sparkly kind - caught by a shaft of noonday sun.

By the way, big ups to Tony Abbott who, at the time, did his best behind the scenes to hobble One Nation by providing guidance and fiscal support to anti One Nation forces - who went at them with the rule book on what defined a legal political party - and whose end result was that Pauline Hanson temporarily went to the big house for fraud - until released when her case was quashed on appeal. Of course Tony Abbot didn't have beatific motives at heart - since his party did a bit of a Time Warp dance move and as part of their reclaim the heartland of aggrieved lower middle class whitey - and took that big step to the right in an effort to shore up the base.

And now he's the leader of his party where this One Nation mindset expresses itself to this day in the form of Climate Change and Economic Stimulus denial. Because how could scraping native useless bushland and having pasture instead cause so, so much damage?

Anyway, the Tea Parties don't have a single unifying figure that has galvanized the electorate - and believe me back in the late 90s in Oz when One Nation was on the rise - they scored big time in their first out of the gate election cycle, winning something like 10 seats in the Queensland state parliament - with one of their newly elected members a part-time Santa Claus. Although Tea Parties do have standard bearers like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Glenn Beck. Perhaps they will get organised like the Ross Perot supporters in the early 90s during the 92 election cycle, and attempt this reactionary third party assault on the political process?

The mid-term elections in 2010 offer Obama a big kick in the pants. I'm just hoping the Dems call on those that rose to battle for sanity in the 2008 elections to rise once more and take on the right in the states - both the free market country club banker mofos that make money off the backs of the working men and women - and the bat-shit insane gun loving 'don't tread on me' tinfoil hat wearing climate change denying let's go back to the silver standard crazies that have crawled out from under a rock since Obama got in.

If the dems find it hard to pass meaningful legislation where they have both federal houses of the legislature, imagine how hard it will be when Johhny Reb with his coonskin cap, takes the oath of office.

A final note - the tea parties in the states aren't actually a political party - it's a political movement with many members paid up GOP - Palin after-all was the VP nominee for '08, and Bachmann is a serving member in congress for that once fine party.


  1. Yeah the media is all over this Tea Party thing, blathering on about how it's a 'grassroots political movement' when it's such an obvious bloody gimmick. Sad to see the return of Sarah Palin. Who knows, we could see the first female moron elected to the US presidency in our lifetime...

  2. I have a problem with your use of the term, "tin foil hat".

    Everyone knows that only a steel V2K Cap will protect against mind control weaponry.


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