Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Take that, Bitterman!

I ran the lads through an up-scaled version of the Dungeon Magazine adventure, 'Fallen Angel', which was written by the Eberron Campaign World creator, Keith Baker.

For those of you who enjoy the odd bout of D&D, and yes it will still be AD&D to me, the Eberron setting which D got us into is, in a word, awesome. It takes the idea of pervasive magic and applies it at an industrial scale level. So it's kind of like Victorian era levels of technology, only where magic is the driving force not mechanical might. Think sky ships, maglev trains, floating islands, living robots etc.

Great stuff. In addition to pumping out a quality well thought out world where things like the impact of readily accessible magic forms the spine for the setting, Keith writes excellent adventures. This was no exception—'Fallen Angel' was a blast.

At any rate, the lads had cornered the villain, a mentally messed up bard whose person was enhanced and cursed by the spirits of hundreds of lost voices bubbling in his brain, and despite some momentary enjoyment of suggestion captured player characters taking on each other, eventually one of the power hitters got a power hit on.

The NPC had just 22 hit points left when he was struck for a critical by an oversized great axe, and with damage adds ons from various sources, he copped a total of 101 hp. In D&D, that's a lot. Indeed, one of the rules is anyone taking 50+ has to make a saving throw just to not automatically die.

Much crowing at this mega-smackdown was crowed. And fair enough too. I ruled the dude was cut in half ... vertically.

Which meant his magic armour was toast. Ha!

Anyway, take that, Bitterman indeed. An epic critical to take out the big boss. I guess you have to be there for moments like that ... but I tell you playing (A)D&D (or any pen and paper game) with a bunch of friends is some of the best fun you can have without chemical enhancement.

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