Thursday, February 25, 2010

Megalodon - the horror

The Megalodon is a prehistoric uber shark. Like stupidly large Jaws-the-shark in size. It could swallow you whole. If, you know, it still existed. I think there's even a disaster movie out there, theWife calls those 'Dee-SASTERS!', where a Megalodon takes on a giant squid. Yep, there it is, though they had to call it Mega-shark in case the audience didn't get what a Megalodon was. Reminds me of when the excellent Brit Film 'The Madness of King George the Third' was renamed to drop "the third" off the end in case the Yanks though it was the second sequel.

Megalodon sounds a lot like Mega-Vom. Which is exactly what theNoo did on the weekend. He coughed twice then erupted a fountain of half digested tomato, milk, and stomach acid all over theWife's prized Aldi-sourced $200 throw rug and the surrounding carpet.

We cleaned up best we could but theWife couldn't help but re-visit the area, convinced she could still smell the odor of 'once was lunch'. Of course, given she was worming along the carpet with her nose pressed against it while her arms were down at her sides, this couldn't but help enhance her olfactory detectors in that regard - and clearly she wasn't applying a normative carpet using standard but some sort of enhanced 'what if one of our visitors was a dude like what Daniel Day Lewis played in My Left Foot?!' measure.

But still, the lounge-room now looks like a cocaine bust that went horribly wrong, with half a key of baking powder thickly coating the offending area of rug and carpet. The plan is this will absorb the last of the vomitous tinge, and the rug and carpet will be once again smelling good enough to lay an almost completely physically disabled man upon and know he will not be offended by an offensive remnant of a departed guest star from theNoo's stomach.

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