Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Noodles on the up and up

TheNoo is developing in leaps and bounds. He's getting a lot more agile, dangerously climbing things like rope nets at play-gyms and, today, when advised of a future nappy change got up on a chair, on the table, crawled along and assumed the lying down position for the bum check.

His language skills are also coming together. It's still mostly short word questions like 'Milk?!', or 'PlaySchool?!' or 'Bobdabuilder?!', but more and more he's delivering short sentences. For example if he gives me a story he's heard before, such as five minutes ago when he got me to read it, and I (being bored) attempt to read it in a stupid voice or make up a completely different version of Spot helps his mum where the little pup becomes a flinty eyed space marine packing a six foot death-ray, he will admonish me with 'speak poplee!'

Today, he was doing some chalk on the blackboard work. I asked him about colours of the chalk he was using. We got to one where it was a very light purple. Instead of guessing by shouting a random colour name in the hope it was right he asked, very clearly, 'what's this colour?'

Later, I'd been drilling through wiki, prompted to scope out Nixon's background and, after many click throughs, ended up at the wiki for the Army beef scandal, which I'd never heard of.

TheNoo was eating dinner at the time. So I asked him. 'Hey noodles, I never heard of this Army Beef Scandal, have you?!'

He threw his arms wide and shouted 'It ... was a scandal!'.

I swear to God. Bugger me, he cracks us so consistently up.


  1. Lol cute.

    I remember my dad used to do the same thing, changing the stories in books he was reading my brother and I... we used to get stories about 'Snotty and Big Ears' and 'Stuffty the rabbit'... We loved it!

  2. Yay for dads taking creative control.

    My friend F told me it would happen. That toddlers git snitty about their tales messed with. I didn't believe him...

  3. I've read the same thing... it's probably just a stage and he will love it soon enough (and then get snitty when you can't retell it *exactly* the same way as you improv'd it last time!)


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