Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nursey's open mouth should be shut

It's movember season in my office. For those not in the know movember is a recent charity innovation where men attempt to grow a mo for the month of November, sponsored by their colleagues, with money raised going to the fight against Prostate Cancer.

Hey, it was either that or trademark the colour brown and get it hashed across every product in the land like the Pink of Breast Cancer.

I am not participating as I could not be arsed (ho ho - prostate cancer - geddit).

Someone mentioned my full beard and mo and noted that it was not too late for me to join in with a quick shave.


'Yeah, that's true. If I shaved it all off now, I could probably still win. And, even if I was running behind, I could simply transplant the hair from my arse.'

I yelled that out across the work station corrals of my work-place. A second later, as bemused heads turned in my direction given the tumbleweed clanger just dropped, I added 'man, that was inappropriate'.

All agreed.

Later that day, at afternoon drinks, us younger types were playing celebrity guess with fantale wrappers. For some reason the topic of Hugh Jackman as a possible woman came up. We were making lady boy jokes, scrotal pouch references, then, later, discussed genital origami.

I think it's time for a refresher for Mikey as to his workplace EEO policies...

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