Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Urinal FAIL

The other day I took my lunch into the toilets at work. I don't like to eat with a full bladder, yes - chalk that up to OCD, so with my just purchased deliciousness I stopped off at the lav first. The toilets at work are a bit Get Smartish in that there's a number of doors to reach it - four doors from my desk in fact. It means that the actual place where bowels are moved are divided off from the sink area where people faintly whiff their hands with a presence of water. Herein lies where I left my lunch.

So I am through to the final room, at the group urinal (doesn't that sound weird?), when boss++ walks in.

Boss++ - 'Is that your lunch out there?'

Me - 'Yeah. I feel bad that I took it into the toilets'.

At this stage he's using the group facility as well.

Boss++ - 'Well, you didn't take it into here, so that's okay.'

Now I'd finished, and was half out the dividing door. But something, something within me felt compelled to release this - like King Midas' barber. I had ... I had to confess.

So I partial turned to him, while he's still in Operation RELEASE, and said 'At home I have above the cistern shelving. Sometimes I take my food in there.'

Boss++ - 'Um ... er ... hmmm'

At that point I left, taking my lunch with me.

What the fuck?! Why the fuck did I feel I need to share that?! Perhaps it was because I blogged on my cistern shelving previously and thus it stayed on my mind?!

At any rate. Epic FAIL.

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