Thursday, October 15, 2009


I used to be in a choir. Seriously. I think mainly for the free sausage rolls in winter. I was like a pastry obsessed ET following a line of meaty reeces pieces up the nave of the school chapel.

Pre voice break ... I sang okay. Nothing to write home about - mind you - who the fuck would? 'Dear Home, I sing great. Love you, signed the boss. Kiss Kiss Hug Hug. PS bin goes out on Monday'.

But post break ... I wasn't exactly Homer ("Christ ... Christ is born"), but I did suck it down a notch.

However, that doesn't stop me singing along to songs on the radio. Or, to the web - like the Amazing Horse (see below).

When I am driving, and it's just me, and I have a reasonably well known CD on, then I will belt it out. Unashamedly. Even if it's rude (especially if it's rude - Tenacious D, hello!).

But ... if the singers have an accent, if you sing-a-long, do you sing as you ... or them?

I guess it depends on who is singing. If it's the Cranberries, then you pretty much have to go Irish on that ("And their tarnks and their gurns, and their gurns, and their gurns") etc. If it's Eminem then ... yes, I guess it's like Slim Shady too. And a hint o Dido? Indeed. And Blondie on Blondie - yessy doody.

So there you go. There is no depends. If I sing, I sing as them. Badly.

Except for Karma Chameleon by Culture Club. On Singstar 80s it is, to date, the only song (on easiest level), I got the top rating for ... and I beat theWife on it too!

I rawk the tasty groove.

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