Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sharman Stone on Lateline

The Coalition have been desperately screaming that the recent uptick in boat arrivals is due to pull factors - that our domestic refugee policy changes are responsible for it.

Sharman Stone was just on Lateline pushing this barrow.

One of her dot point reasonings?*

SHARMAN STONE: Leigh, there's always been global distress, sadly there probably always will be. If you read the UNHCR reports of the global trends and they publish these annually, you will see that in fact there's been a contraction of numbers around the globe, especially in places like Afghanistan where you in fact have had enormous resettlement in the last few years. This is something that we need to be very pleased about.

But if it's just about the push factors as this Government suggests, why haven't we got those Eritreans, the Sudanese, the Congolese all in these boats? Because that's where the biggest growth in numbers of asylum seekers are.

They're not on the boats because they can't afford the cash required by the criminals, the smugglers and they haven't got the contacts.

You know what, she's right. They're Africans. Hardly any Africans have the geographic ability to make a port, then travel thousands of miles by boat when they do to reach Oz, let alone the financial capability to do pretty much anything but survive day to day because they are, for the most part, extremely poor subsistence farmers that take it in the arse when the weather is not their friend - in addition to surviving roving bands of insert-warlord-here or rival claimants trying to drive them from their turf.

Tamils on the other hand live on a fucking island in our fucking region and can get on a mother fucking boat because they live on a mother fucking island and can sail said boat to Indon and then Oz, or escape to SEA then try from Oz there - on a mother fucking boat.

It doesn't make their plight or circumstances any less deserving of attempting to try for a safer or better life by their doing so. They're on the losing end of an unpleasant civil war where the losers are being treated in appalling circumstances. It's a big fucking der they're trying to get out.

The coalition make me sick. Again. Racist dog whistling tards.

*UPDATE: The transcript has been published, so I swapped out my approximation of SS's words -
'There are increases in Congolese and Sudanese refugees - yet they're not on the boats because they can't afford it and don't have the contacts.' - with what she said. Source is Lateline.

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  1. Actually there are huge numbers of Sudanese on boats. They sail to places like Yemen, the poorest country in the middle east, which probably has thousands of times the number of asylum seekers that Australia gets. Thousands die just getting to Yemen- does Sharman Stone really think that with the sort of boats used by people smugglers that anyone, cash or no cash, is capable of sailing across the Indian Ocean to Western Australia? Or is she just engaging in a specious argument because she knows the average Australian is too ignorant to know the facts and too stupid to bother finding out?

    Plus, if Tamil refugees (not so long since they were being labelled economic migrants, if you'll recall) are all so rich and it's so easy for them, why the hell would they leave?

    The coalition as usual are behaving despicably. But what I'm really disappointed in is Kevin Rudd's response to the issue now that the pressure is on.


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