Saturday, October 17, 2009

Note to self

If you leave a chicken bone from a Chicken Kiev in the bin without the lid, your cat will keep getting the bone out of the bin to gnaw on it.

I must have picked that fucker up about three times until I twigged that was what was happening

Said cat also likes to chew on plastic bags. Anyone else's cat do that?

It's a horrid noise.


  1. Neither of ours likes to chew them, but Xiaoxiao likes to get inside plastic bags or bags of any description. I once almost stepped on the clear plastic zip-up bag that had held a set of bed sheets we'd bought when I saw dark grey fur and realised there was a cat squeezed inside and lying motionless. At first I feared she'd actually suffocated herself, but she had just convinced herself that she was lying in wait for prey (us/Feifei) and that we couldn't see her through the plastic...

  2. I know! He's always getting into bags ... and boxes.

    And when theWife packs the suitcase ... in he goes! For ages!


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