Friday, October 09, 2009

More shirt fail

Ben Elton famously opined that men, by and large, have three shirts: the work shirt, the good shirt, and the party shirt. So for them, when getting ready for a social gathering, it was an easy choice. Girls on the other hand had hundreds of items and, when choosing one to wear, would remove them from the wardrobe and throw them on the bed and then spend hours sifting through to pick one.

For work, I have a selection of shirts to choose from. About 5-6. I also admit to, of the options, having some that are multiple copies - my Inspector Gadget shirts.

One normally worn during the work is my long sleeved purple number. It's of a thicker material, so when cold, I can wear it without a jacket when it's a bit nippy outside.

Only recently the nippy thing RE the purple shirt happened inside.

I was at work for about an hour before I noticed there was a light grease stain on my shirt. The stain was centered around the pec level. In fact, specifically, around the nipple part of the pec level.

Yes ... it looked like I'd been lactating.

Stupid mystery stains!

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