Sunday, October 25, 2009

European Carry-all actually spotted being used

There's this Seinfeld ep where one of the story elements is that Jerry has a fancy European Carry-all, which sort of looks a bit like a handbag. It gets stolen in the episode and Jerry shrieks to a passing cop "Officer, that man took my European Carry-All". When the cop blank faces Jerry is forced to say "my handbag, he's got my hand bag."

Today I saw this dude at my local shops. A heavyset fellow with gray hair, and a mo, he had ... a European Carry-All. And indeed I wanted to shout 'Officer, that man took my European Carry-All.'

But I am older now, and too sensible for such things. I texted Beve RE my EC spottage and he admitted surprise that I didn't in fact shout out the line - or at least tell the cashier about it (she was like 18, so she'd have no frame of reference about Seinfeld anyway). Besides, so little faith in my growing as a person and learning stuff like tact.

Earlier today, while in Civic, I spotted an older man dressed in a T-Shirt. As irony would have it, his T-Shirt had been neck-holed - badly - the irony derived from the fact neck-holes were also covered in a previous Seinfeld episode.

He didn't have a European Carry-All. No, he had a fanny pack (aka bum bag). On his side? No. His rear, where the word 'bum bag' suggests it should be located?

No, he had it to the front. It looked like his scrotum had suffered a combination of necrosis and reverse gravity then burst from his pants like the alien baby from Alien.

Bum bags. Always a bad look. Like being a guy and being naked save for socks.

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