Sunday, October 18, 2009

Area man has a vagina

Not in a reverse she-male sense, though if I was I guess that'd be a he-female. An opposite, if you will, like bat man has his opposite in man-bat in DC comics. Not that man-bat was a she-male - it was a horrible twisted humanoid shaped bat with rudimentary limbs.

No, I am packing the vertical smile in 'the weepies at movies' sense.

I just saw Pay It Forward. I'd been meaning to see it for ages, as the preview I saw touched on its idea of paying it forward (you get a favour from a stranger - so you do the same but for three others), which intrigued me a great deal. I liked the concept.

Anyway ... um ... spoiler.

The ending is a tad sad. And it made me cry.

The reason I got to see it was because I mentioned to a friend how I'd been intending on seeing it at some point, and the next time I saw him he presented me with a copy to own - purchased courtesy of one of those 'through the looking glass' bizzaro specials ALDI has now and then.

How cool is that?! He paid it forward ... with a DVD of Pay It Forward!

Anyway, that's the second time in two days I've gotten teary at a movie.

Maybe I have my period?

If it was a man period I guess it would shoot out my nose. Luckily we have some tapered tampons in the house so I can plug up the old nozzers. Mind you, I think all tampons are tapered. Imagine if they weren't? That would be a cluster fuck of a design. Perhaps in the former Eastern Bloc they're shaped like potatoes or something.

Oh - theWife saw an ad in a recent Cosmo for tampons that promised a hint of luxury to the user. Seriously. Luxurious tampons?

What will the world think of next? Bottled tap-water at a 4,000% mark-up?

That's right ... they already did...

UPDATE: Of course to state I was effeminate for crying in a movie says a lot about my dodgy notions of masculinity. Hey, what can I say? When I was a kid we could take toy guns to pre-school. That made a man out of me. That, and Commando comics. Apparently.

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