Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today I had a wardrobe induced first. Well, it's the first I can remember.

I ran out of clean underwear.

I had intended on doing a load the previous night, whacking it in the dryer etc, but clean forgot. So come morning, there was my undies drawer, 100% clean of clean underwear.

So ... I'm not proud to say ... I went into the hamper, grabbed a pair of used ones, turned them inside out and put them on.

Later, as I was walking along back to my car, I smelled an unpleasant odor. Sweaty mold for want of a better descriptive. I was worried it was my jacket. Nup. Hat? Possibly. I do sweat when I walk.

It wasn't until I was home and stripping over for a shower that the full power of the odor assaulted me like a challenge delivering glove slap.

It was my retread undies. In fact, it was a combination of that, and my self saucing groinal region.

In other words...

It was nut smell. Nasty, atrocious, funky nut smell. The worst case of nut smell I have ever had.

To the shower! I had to lather up that area big time. I did not smell of the dreaded NT when I stepped out so I can only assume I am freshly scented in my downstairs parts.

Nut smell. It's ... not a good smell at all.

The only time Calvin Klein perfume would emulate nut smell is if it came from the same mirror universe that gave us Evil Spock...

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  1. :-o

    I would've gone pantsless...


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