Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mellow harshed

There I was, lying down and enjoying my restful repose when out in the waiting room a ring tone blared into life. Naturally, the smegwit who owned the ringing phone then answered it.


This conversation went on for fully five minutes.

Now I know the needles and their positioning are supposed to play the major part. And I know the jury is still out on the whole needles meets ying yang scene, but what I do know I get benefit from with acupuncture is the serenity of the lying down and listening to mellow music.

This then is arrested somewhat by a braying fuckwit dribbling inane pointless shit down his phone.

You'd think the fact he was there for the same thing I was would have been a fucking clue to shut the fuck up? For fuck-sake, the clinic is clearly in the cinema and library vocal atmosphere of talk only if you need to and if you do then talk in a whisper.

At point I had my fingers in my ears to drown him out.

As I left I looked for the sign that I felt sure was there regarding mobile phones. Indeed it was, pointing at the fucking door as you walk the walk into the clinic. It could not be clearer.

So in an admittedly loud voice as I looked at the sign I said 'Oh, they do ask you not to use your mobile phone'.

Of course, the sort of person who both answers then continues on to have a loud conversation on their phone at an acupuncturists is not the sort of person who feels shame at violating the social compact we have in situations like this - so I probably wasted my effort.

I felt like George in the Chinese Restaurant episode. I just wanted to yell 'You know, we're living in a society!'



  1. Ohhh man... you need to find a different provider, or the stress you get is probably going to give you aches and pains all by itself!

  2. It's not his fault he has a pair of fucksticks for patients :(

    Ideally he needs a 'please shut the fuck up' sign for above the counter.

  3. Hmm true I guess it would be hard to fire a patient!

    I suggest a big neon 'please shut the fuck up' sign in every cubicle that flashes every time someone yaps on their phone... or better still, a SIGNAL BLOCKER!


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