Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Karma, bus style

Last night, on my way to some nerd fun, I didn't realise that the form two lanes sign included the lane I was in and the one to my left. I thought, for some reason, it would be the one to my right.

So I had a sudden lane merge ... with a bus. I missed it by a metre. When we eventually rolled to a stop at the lights I scanned my side mirror to make sure the driver wasn't going to get out and remonstrate with me.

He didn't. I felt bad though.

Today, I was in the CBD. The roads are narrower there. So narrow in fact the bus in the left lane clipped my side mirror and forced it in to face the side of the car. It's one of those spring mirrors so no damage. It did freak me out and I swore blue at the near hit since there's like 8 cm of mirror before the car starts.

So there you go. Karma and public transport had a meeting and came and got me. I feel better about it now.

Also, is Karma the concept and Karma Sutra too different kinds of Karma? I wonder if the pics of the Karma Sutra are invested with a weird sans perspective version of the bearded dude from The Joy of Sex. It should have been called The Joy of Hairy Sex, given, that in addition to Mr Full beard, the missy had a well shagged welcome mat in the downstairs lady area.

The only time the word Brazilian would appear in The Joy of Sex is if it prefaced the word "edition" and the rest of the book was in Portuguese...

UPDATE: Karma is Karma. Karma Sutra is actually Kama Sutra. I did a bit of a pirate and inserted an unintentional ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

A Pirate Joy of Sex. That'd I'd like to see. Though "walking the plank" might have a different interpretation, and I shudder to think what Keel Hauling would become...

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