Monday, September 14, 2009

Dude spooning

I suppose this is a variant of Rove's 'Who would you turn gay for?'. But, if I had to be spooned by a dude ... and I am assuming its a clothed platonic thing, or, if naked, vital to my survival ... but if I had to be spooned by a dude I'd choose ...

Daniel Craig.

I think I would feel safe in his muscular arms.

Whose your dude spoon and why?


  1. Hugh Jackman, because foreplay would him seducing me with his singing and dancing*. But Daniel Craig would come in a close 2nd.

    *If you think I've spent far too much time thinking about this, you're right.

  2. Why, it's you, Mikey. Or rather, your saucy-but-safe alter-ego, Vagina Monologues.

  3. Well Mikey (REAL) has an apple belly that would nestle wobblingly against your back.

    Vag Mono on the other hand has a reasonable build and a Charisma of 13. He won't set hearts a-flutter like our Hugh, but he's easy on the eye.

    Except of course the only way you'd get benefit of that in a spooning scenario is if you held up a mirror to watch...

  4. Hmmmm a dude spoon ay?

    Probably Bruce Willis... because in that situation, there is most likely a massive explosion he is protecting me from!

  5. I've always preferred sporks to spooning anyway.

  6. If only they invented a spork with some sort of cutting edge...

  7. Arrrrmmm... okay... :P

  8. I believe it's called a "Splade". Ahem.

  9. I bet Macgyver has a splade...


    Maybe I should open this to your top 5 dude spoons and why...


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