Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Be it ever so humble...

Well back home after a mildly hellish drive. TheNoo arced up for ages this morning, sick of being in the car and letting us know about it. It was horrid. Fortunately he managed to drift off for a couple of hours later and, when he woke, was in a happy mood for the most part.

I have to say, driving a newish car on a long trip is oh so much better than a bucket of crap or aged third hand vehicle which was our normative driving experience. Actually being able to accelerate in a reasonable amount of time and ... brake in a reasonable amount of time was likewise a good thing to have in a vehicle.

So ... the big drive. As a parent, what say you?

Well, McDonald's is a godsend. Yes, I said it. It is. Not only does it have baby changing rooms, it has the cafe for coffee (and it's okay) and cakes, salads if you feel that way, as well as the normal fare. Plus its kids menu has a bunch of healthy stuff on it like apple slices. And clean, accessible playgrounds. Say what you want about the Golden Arches being a ruthless global corporation and so forth, but as far as their services go - reasonable, reliable food from a clean place with facilities for kids and babies - it is the shizzle.

We did choose at one point to stop at a Hungry Jacks. We were sorely disappointed. It was dirty, which means kids who are ambulatory may pick up rubbish and try and mung it, and their 'playland' was too hot and big for theNoo to use. Oh, and their food was still stuck in the transfat 80s of burgers and chips only.

One annoying thing happened on the drive up. I was in a carpark waiting for the others when I farted. I have IBS, farting is a big and lovely part of that. It was not a silent one, and I failed to do the 360 check for people in ear and nose shot.

So it was loudish. This fuckwit at a car next to me fired up Cletus style with a loud braying 'Haw, haw you nearly split your pants with that, haw, haw' and basically carried on like a boorish fuckstick.

If he hadn't had stayed near his car I was half tempted to do something unpleasant to it. I wish I'd said something like 'Have you got a problem?' but likely that would have led to a confrontation so it's probably good I didn't. I hate people like that.

Oh - we drove back during the dust storm that blanketed NSW. Our car was dust covered, and for much of the journey it was dimly yellow and cold. I suspect that's what nuclear winter would be like. Only for years at a time.

Anyway, back home. Good to be back. Love my house - and theNoo was pleased to trundle around his pad.

Finally, big ups to theWife. Who, bless the socks she owns which are cotton, let me sleep for the first chunks of the trips. Each time I took the wheel I was well rested and thus a lot safer behind it. So yeah, if you do get tired, then swap drivers. It really helps. Even if you're still awake as the passenger.

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