Friday, September 04, 2009

Bad penny now fifty cents

Whenever you're at a pub, and you start peeling a label off a beer bottle, some wag will usually pipe up and announce to one and all you're sexually repressed.

Go on, try it. It will happen.

Anyway, I had in my wallet for the longest time a fifty cent piece that someone had taken to with a bottle of liquid paper. It wasn't me - I got it in change at some point. I shudder to think what liquid papering a coin means in the repression stakes - perhaps repressing the urge to kill prostitutes or something.

So, I showed this to my colleague L, likened it (wag-like) to the beer-bottle thing, and we had a minor chortle about how no bastard would likely accept it.

A week later, still with the liquid papered coin, we went and had a coffee. It's an outrageous $3.50. I had exact change - my gold coins plus the liquid paper covered .50, and I handed over my money at the same time L handed over $4 for hers.

Without blinking the cashier handed the LP .50 back to L as her change. It didn't even make the till.

Hah! The cursed coin is Ls! She has to deal with the funny looks (and so forth) until she off loads it to some other poor sap.

Or of course simply uses it in a machine of some kind.

Why didn't I think of that?!

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